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Generating Real Traffic

Generating Real Website Traffic with Backlinks

Posted by Andre Frith on 23 May, 2014 at 6:35

Now that you have you domain name gave it a description with relevant keywords you want to see and need traffic to your website. The traffic or people visiting your website you want to be interested in your type of products or services to get a response so what you have to have in place is the right advertising and back links!

Back links are your clickable domain name being placed on related websites. Example: Your website name is You would want to advertise or have a link back to your site through a comment or advertisement on say a website like Do you see the relevancy?

Do a search for people who sell cars and see who comes up, look to see if you can add your website link through comments or advertisements. This would be considered a great back link because it is going to get relevant website visitors and most likely the website you find are receiving tons of daily traffic of people and advertisers who sells cars.

This could be time consuming but well worth it. This is one of the deciding factor Google and the other search engines use to see if they should place you on a top search listing so you want to have as many as possible. You can also use tools like or




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